Low Fat Potato Encrusted Dijon & Herb Chicken

(For One)

1-3 oz chicken breast, boneless & skinless (thawed)
2T approximately - Dijon mustard (or Dijonaisse, honey mustard, etc)
1 t dry spice – optional (The mustard may be spice enough for you!) (Try thyme & basil, or oregano & parsley, etc. Use what you like. Change the spices & type of Mustard to keep the recipe interesting.)
1 serving (about 15) Fat Free Pringles chips
½ c fresh or canned mushrooms or snow peas - optional

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place chips in plastic bag and crush them coarsely. Coat chicken with mustard and place in plastic bag to coat with potato chips. Try to get as much as possible on the chicken. In skillet, spray with Olive Oil Pam and brown the chicken on both sides. Add vegetables to skillet w/ chicken and place in oven for about :20 or until done. This is tender and delicious!

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