Chicken Puntanesca

From Barb in Beverly Hills, CA

1 clove garlic, minced
2 T olive oil
½ can whole black olives, drained and cut into quarters
½ c (or more if you like) each of fresh vegetables – zucchini, summer squash artichokes, etc.
2-3 c leftover roasted chicken cut into large chunks
1 jar prepared marinara sauce OR 16 oz can tomato sauce plus 1 can tomato paste to which you add oregano, basil, salt and fresh ground pepper
½ c leftover red wine
water as needed
Pasta enough for 2 people

Mince fresh garlic and sauté in olive oil in large skillet with a lid. Add chopped olives and summer squash (and/or other veggies), stir and sauté.  Add chicken. When chicken is lightly browned, add sauce and red wine to taste. Simmer sauce for about 20 minutes, adding water to adjust consistency.

Meanwhile boil water and cook pasta to package directions. Drain pasta.

Toss pasta and veggie/sauce/chicken mixture. Serve and enjoy!


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